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In the TV categories, House star Hugh Laurie won the best actor in a drama series award.

30 Rock won the best comedy ensemble prize and two of its stars, Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey, were also recognised.

This Valentine’s Day many women will say “Never Again!

” to being alone on Valentine’s Day and will turn to online dating services to find that one perfect mate who―unless Hollywood has been lying to us—must be out there somewhere only a click of the mouse away.

As for your trunk and your body position, if you lean forward, you prompt people to talk to you more than when you lean to the side.

If you cross your legs toward the person you’re talking to, it shows you’re interested, especially if you manage to touch them.

That being said, they probably don’t mean for you to mentally count the timing of your smile. If you keep your palms up, you give off an air of openness and vulnerability, which can be good, but really bad if your potential suitor is super aggressive.If you engage in any type of closed posture, which includes crossing your arms or any position that shields your throat, stomach, or bit, you show that you’re uncomfortable, and that you may fear an attack of some sort (joke, kind of).Open posture shows that you’re comfortable, which makes the other person comfortable.If you only smile for .25 seconds, your smile is perceived as fake (a smirk, even).If you smile for more than 1 second, your smile is still perceived as fake.

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