Absoulutly dating

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This complex consists of a number of strong regional collections with good intercorrelation.We combine a new master from north-eastern France (Tegel Roman (Note 3.) ) with Hollstein Validated Roman Extended (see references) without its KORB-member (which we suspect is corrupt in its younger end), North English Roman, South English Roman and Late BC to a 1441 years long mean curve with an assumed end year AD 286.The correlation of the English data series towards Belfast AD was much weaker. 1984) claim that they hold long absolute oak master curves which probably match right away towards the Belfast chronologies.Though we could reconstruct the proposed linkage (Pilcher et. 1984), we do not regard this as a proof that the link is correct, as we never reached sufficient t-values. But none of the labs has ever demonstrated this and all the raw measurement data is unpublished. 2008) which was kindly made available to us by Mauri Timonen for research at single sample level.Late BC and Belfast Long do indeed overlap 316 years, but with a very unsatisfactory correlation (corr. A deeper analysis showed that the proposed linkage (Baillie et. 1983) most probably is wrong and that a large but unknown number of years has to be inserted between the two chronologies. There are also supra-long absolute masters of other species. Therefore we were able to check its synchronisation and found that this master curve indeed is continuous over more than 7600 years.Full details of our work are available in the Belfast section, which includes our synchronized mean value curves and also our dating reports at single sample level. 2012), the authors find that 25 years of random sampling of oaks from Irish bogs yielded about 5000 samples, but did not yield sufficient material to close the remaining gaps in the Irish oak chronology. One of these is a pine curve from Northern Finland (Eronen et. The pine curve from Tornetrsk in northern Sweden (Grudd et. 2002), given to us as a mean value curve by Hkan Grudd, matches the Finnish master clearly. The first step will be to check this out with absolutely dated, recent material.

When building our master references, we follow the advices given by QUB on their web page in connection with the publication of the raw data, and the methods described in Mike Baillie's book A Slice Through Time.Hollstein Validated Extended (see references), 1565 years long and dated to AD 1974, shows a corr.0.05, t=2.2 for offset 0 (= "as dated") and appears as best match only if the end year interval is limited to 50 years.This feature has been used to try to absolutely date the floating parts of the Irish oak chronology. 2013) we described our interpretation of the oak measurement series made available by Queen's University Belfast (QUB) on the Internet.The result for the tree-ring chronology part connected to the European Roman complex is unexpected and controversial. We synchronized three Irish chronology parts which do not crossdate among themselves.

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