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We do expect people to not indulge in flame wars in chat, try and cause issues for other users, and the like.

For stories where the chapters didn't quite convert right (it's a long and involved process as to why, so I'll not bore you), you'll see black diamonds with question marks in them instead of punctuation.

Apart from some pretty serious sport sanctions, we also can ban you and report you if things get out of hand.




Gosford Sailing Club is proud to have had the keen involvement of each sailor every week and hopes everyone had a fantastic time both out on the water and on shore using the GSC facilities.

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Podobnie rzecz ma miejsce z naszą czołowa purpura Bartoszem Zawadzkim, podopieczny Macieja Poloka oraz całej rzeszy Czarnych Pasów ze Sosnowieckiej filii Gracie Barra pokazuje talent na zawodach szczególnie federacji z UAEJJF.

Zobaczymy tam również Huberta Lebiedzińskiego z Origan Bjj Darlington oraz Macieja Banasińskiego z Gold Teamu.

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