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Churches: Saint Christine’s at Main Street and Forest Street, and Main Street and Pine Street, Stain Ann’s by the Sea, Saint Theresa’s on Elm Street, our Lady of the Assumption on Assumption Road.Roller Skating Rink: Learning how to drive a car on the Daniel Webster house property with Vin Cohee.The Old Fire station had to be move out back to build the 1957 Fire Station.(there are actually three Fire Stations all in one building now) Telephone Service: The old Telephone Company on Main Street, there was party lines then and numbers like 894-J, Temple 4-8945, 834-9489, 837-3709.Bob Cheeseman (781) 837-3709 40 Somerville Street P. Box 27 Marshfield, Ma 02050 E-Mail Address is: Smokeycheeseman @These are some of my memories of a place I call home " Marshfield ". Rhodes, and pushing the shopping cart down the back ramp at the first national store. Slims Repair Shop Auctioneers in town were Dick Holliday, and Tory Little, auctioneering the land in Kent Park.Stores and Business Hubbard’s Cupboard (Glen Hubbard, Al Khoury), Stedman’s Stores, Jim’s pizza shop, Buds and Toabe’s Hardware Stores, Reeds Ark, Butners and Finebergs Clothing Store, Jordan’s Pharmacy, Duca’s 5 and 10 store, Checker Board, Inn at Main and Ferry Street, Donut Shop next to Tot’s and Teens, Greens Ice Cream store at South River and Main Streets, Green Harbor General Store, The Fix It Shop next to the A&W Root Beer Stand. The Whitebrick Family ran the Airport, and the grass runway.In my research of Streets I have found 17 that have been accepted by town meeting articles going back for 92 years and the town has not been receiving state funding for the town to help maintain them.This is not a book but a quick reference of my personal notes of when and what things happened in our town. Harold Whitcher (past representative and selectman) walking the streets.

Back then you could count the houses on one hand that people lived in this area year round and today there are over a hundred plus houses. Going to Humarock (which is over the bridge) you could see the cows roaming around in the fields on Ferry Street and when you went the other way on South River Street to the center of town you would pass Ma and Pa Hayes Farm (across from the cranberry bogs.

Schools: South River was the only Grade school in town, the schoolroom at the Alamo, the room above the old library (now Hancock paint store) and the one above the old town hall (now the Superintendent of Schools Office), It took for ever to get home from school there was only a couple of routes back then North and South. School Bus Drivers- Jack Schutt, Bob Hayes, Slim Garside, Dick Frisbee.

Fire Department: Mort Leonard’s fire car, Frank Simmons, Louie Cipullo, Cliff Hunt, Beanie Colamore, Slim Garside, Ted Reeves, Harold Powell, Ennie Bourne, Egar Simmons, Mike Hevey, Al Handy.

It is regrettable that there is the undercurrent of the people’s attitudes has become more pronounced in recent times.

It is we the people that are the government of this town; perhaps if we in Marshfield apply ourselves to work for one town and all of the people of Marshfield, we in some mysterious way will assist in our community of the Town of Marshfield.

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