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Pentasomy X (49, XXXXX) has been associated with a severe clinical condition, presumably resulting from failure or disruption of X chromosome inactivation.

In 27 cell hybrids in which more than one X haplotype were detected, analysis of X inactivation patterns provided evidence of preferential inactivation.

For your convenience, the zipped file for download data includes datasets_and_that lists all the datasets, their citations and links to online metadata (notes: datasets_and_has only one row for the daatset when users downloaded data with "Dataset on Dataset Page" option.

For other options, the csv file lists all the datasets that provided data users downloaded), Lockhart, G.

By accepting this document, the user agrees to the following when using OBIS-SEAMAP data in any publication, product, or commercial application: Details on the proper credit/citations: Except for data under CC0 sharing policy, proper credit/citations for all individual datasets are required, even when multiple datasets are used together. Virginia and Maryland Sea Turtle Research and Conservation Initiative Aerial Survey Sightings, May 2011 through July 2013.

The citation section in the metadata of individual Dataset Page(s) should be used as the proper credit/citations.

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