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United Kingdom is also one of the oldest countries in the world which is also known as United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Island so this is known as also richest country and population of this country is about 65.1 million therefore known as fourth most populated country in Europe.

The capital of UK is London which is important financial centre for the different people of the world, as talk about the defense of this country which is also best because this country is also nuclear power of the world which has about 225 nuclear or chemical weapons so their army is also known as best in the world due to their skills so far known as best country for the people to live despite of Nuclear power because of best use of this.

So here is the list of Top ten Countries with Most Nuclear weapons in the world.

“They didn’t hit it off big time,” said the source.So it is been reported that Israel has also made large number of Nuclear weapons but mainly with the help of America which is called as the companion of this country so this was came into being in 1947 and no increased at a large scale of Palestine so according to reports this country has about 80 Nuclear weapons till now.India is the most important country of the world as India is officially known as Republic of India which is also one of the largest countries in the world, it has also second largest country with respect to population in the world with is about 130 crores, as talk about the defense of this country then it has surpassed many countries in the world because last year it has purchased third most weapons from Russia, so this country has about 90 to 110 nuclear weapons but many experiments of this country has been failed in which some are also in recent days therefore they are continuously working on their defense due to their cold border war with the question is here that then why countries have made nuclear weapons because in actual state these are form of destructive material???So the answer of this question is that these are also helpful for the mankind but in such cases if these are used for the benefit of the mankind because these are able to produce energy for the country or some countries made these weapons for the defense of their country, interesting to know that these weapons are only used by Americans in Second World War on the People of Japan then there effects are still now in that areas.

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