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It was one of the few times that the Rivulettes ever lost a game as Hazel Case scored the game winning goal and the Rustlers prevailed by a 3–2 score.

After 1900, the Rossland Winter Carnival was recognized as hosting the Provincial women’s hockey championships.

In 1924, the Regents would dissolve and form a new team with some members of the Calgary Byngs Ladies club.

On February 21, 1921, the Seattle Vamps competed against the Vancouver Amazons in Vancouver, and were vanquished by a 5-0 score.

Two days later, the Vamps played against a team from the University of British Columbia and won the game.

In February 1921 a women’s international championship series that was be played in conjunction with the Pacific Coast Hockey Association.

One of the first professional teams were the the Vancouver Amazons from the 1920s.

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