Amputee cam

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While there has been huge technological leaps in prosthetic limbs, amputees have very little choice when it comes to personalizing how they look.

At UNYQ, our goal is to give amputees affordable and fashionable options for accessorizing their prosthetics legs.

​Insignia, developed exclusively for Hanger Clinic, is an innovation in patient care and can dramatically advance the quality of the patient’s treatment experience.

An alternative to traditional casting methods, Insignia employs a three-dimensional motion-tracking laser scanner and proprietary Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software to provide patients with a faster, cleaner and less invasive casting process.

Unlike any other laser scanner on the market today, Insignia employs two embedded motion-tracking devices to allow for patient movement during the scanning procedure.

The device determines the position and orientation of the scanner’s wand relative to the body part being scanned, casts a laser light over the body part, records a cross-sectional profile and enables the computer to accurately reconstruct the full three-dimensional surface.

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This receiver works with the motion-tracking device embedded into the Insignia scanner to determine the position and orientation of the scanner’s wand relative to the body part being scanned.By smoothly sweeping the handheld laser scanning wand over the affected body part, Insignia instantly acquires a three-dimensional image of the patient’s body part—without ever touching the patient—within minutes. Call 1-877-4HANGER or visit this page to request more information.In celebration and appreciation of our veterans, today we released a new line of military-inspired fairings.The CAM Collection flips the notion of camouflage upside down by providing amputees a means to conceal their prosthetic leg, while wowing others with their unique look.“Losing a limb can have a devastating impact on your sense of self esteem,” explains Katherine Crawford, former Army servicewoman, amputee and advocate for amputee girls.

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