Apatite helium dating

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We have forward-modelled the effect, and find that the concentration profile, coupled with the absolute (U-Th)/He age, can provide very restrictive limits on cooling history He concentration at the requisite spatial scale, so we have developed an alternative approach.

By irradiating samples with 100 Me V protons at the Northeast Proton Therapy Center, we can transmute some target elements into the rare isotope of helium - In the summer of 2004 former post-doctoral fellow Marin Clark (now at U.

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Many students and post-docs have worked with me on (U-Th)/He projects over the years.The fragments emitted by this fission process leave trails of damage (fossil tracks or ion tracks) in the crystal structure of the mineral that contains the uranium.The process of track production is essentially the same by which swift heavy ions produce ion tracks.Other minerals we have investigated include zircon Because of its widespread occurrence and sensitivity to very low temperatures (about 25°C cooler than the apatite fission track method), the apatite (U-Th)/He dating method has now been applied in many different places and with many different objectives.The most straightforward applications are in tectonics, in which the timing of fault motion can be deduced, e.g., in the White Mountains of California (above, at the Kern-Kaweah Divide) as part of a major program for understanding the paleogeomorphology of this range.

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