Attorney orlando battery dating violence

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If you have been charged with assault or another crime in Orlando, Florida, contact the attorneys at Hale, Hale & Jacobson.

We will make every effort to help you avoid harsh punishments and find mitigating factors or defenses to have your charges reduced or dismissed.

Read more to learn about statistics, punishments and penalties for assault and aggravated assault charges prosecuted in Orange County, Florida..

Anyone can easily be charged with a battery offense, as it is merely touching a person against their will.

If you ever find yourself in need of an extremely knowledgeable criminal attorney, look no further. Amir is a very experienced lawyer who knows what he is talking about.

He will go above and beyond to make sure you get the best possible representation.

Because domestic violence isn’t a law itself, but rather a label added to other laws like assault or battery, charges of domestic violence mean that you will receive whatever penalties were already there for the actual law as well as additional conditions for the act of domestic violence.

So if you assault someone and get 9 months in jail, you might also have to complete a 26-week Batterer’s Intervention Program on top of it.

Cyberstalk – This occurs when a person engages in a course of conduct that has no real purpose, by communicating or causing communication of words, images or language through some form of electronic communication.This means the alleged victim could simply accuse the alleged offender of stalking them, and the officer could then make an arrest.No matter the reason for the stalking allegations, a conviction for misdemeanor stalking charges or aggravated stalking charges could lead to serious repercussions.Any and all of these things could help to win your case or get it dismissed.I was at The Ladan Law Firm’s Baby DJ toy drive last night, and I have to say I was thoroughly impressed with the entire staff.

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