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As she straightened before us her body was magnificent. Joe guided to the chair in front of a dressing table along the wall.

She had obviously been tanning herself since her body was a golden brown. He said “We want you to put your hair in pig tails.” Looking surprised at the order, she picked up a brush and started brushing her hair into two separate lengths.

She found some hair bands and slipped one over each of the lengths.

She then, to our surprise, started brushing each pony tail. When she was done she laid the brush down and turned to await our next command.

I told her “Stand up and take your tee shirt and blue jeans off.

She lowered the jeans down her firm tan legs and stepped from the wadded garment.I want to know what size your knockers are that’s bulging in that tee shirt.” As she stood and lowered her hands to the hem of her tee shirt she mumbled through her gag “34C”.She sheepishly lifted the shirt over her head and slid it from her arms.At exactly 3 the door latch started turning; as it swung partially open, the daughter stepped in carrying her books. We made our way to her bedroom where John dumped the lifeless girl on the bed.Joe quickly pried her mouth open and strapped the hair curler gag tight in her mouth. She had light brown hair that hung just above her shoulders and was flipped up on the ends. Her mouth was forced uncomfortably open and she was unable to move her bound hands. Her eyes stared at the three of us standing over her.

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