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The basic requirement for a field is that it must be serialized into a simple JSON type during transfer between the server and the mobile client. Placing this logic within the SQL Server schema definition means we can use this SQL table outside of the mobile context and it will still work for the mobile application.Complex types (that is, any type that can be serialized to an object or array) will always require special handling and may not be able to be used at all. Info We use the Created At field to create a clustered index.One way to do this is by tearing all the way down to Migration ‘0’, and the doing an ‘Update-Database’ to bring it current. Learning Migrations can be a frustrating time suck. Instead take a breather and relax, then come back to it.It is an investment, but when mastered it will pay dividends to your team and process. The central component for providing a table endpoint on the Azure App Service side of things occurs in your backend project. This is a specialized version of an Api Controller that has some similarities with an OData Controller.However, it has its own base class and the Azure Mobile Apps SDK simplifies the process of making them.If you try to publish this application, you will see an Tip There is an alternative here called Database First Models.In this alternative, you create the database first then create the models to match.

We also need to create an Initial migration that represents the current state of the database. You can turn custom error messages off (and thus expose the original error message) by editing the Web.config file. Debug is removed from the context when DEBUG is not defined, so you can't just use it directly. Azure App Service captures the output from the console and places it into the log viewer for you.We can do this with the command folder that represent the current state of affairs for the database. Locate the Then republish your project and the response from the server is much more informative. To turn on diagnostic logging: There are times when a "Database First" approach is needed.These easily recognized by a combination of the current date and the name of the migration. The database initializer is the single line of code we just replaced that creates the database tables with the appropriate triggers. You can log all the SQL statements that Entity Framework executes on your behalf by adding a Database Log. If you are trying to expose an existing SQL database table, for example, you want to use a "Database First" approach.There are Entity Framework specific attributes decorating the properties for Entity Data that will likely be different for other stores. Examples] PRIMARY KEY NONCLUSTERED ([Id] ASC); CREATE TRIGGER [TR_dbo_Examples_Insert Update Delete] ON [dbo].[Examples] AFTER INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE AS BEGIN UPDATE [dbo].[Examples] SET [dbo].[Examples].[Updated At] = CONVERT(DATETIMEOFFSET, SYSUTCDATETIME()) FROM INSERTED WHERE inserted.[Id] = [dbo].[Examples].[Id] END; The system properties are added to the schema.I've included several field types, including a complex type. We can (and do) use a trigger to update the Updated At column when the data is updated.

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