Bibtex bibliography not updating

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) Of course, you can split your bibliographies over as many files as you wish, so you could have a file of references concerning the (GUT), which tries to bridge the gap between the inconsistencies of these two theories, then you can easily link both to your current document, as well another file of references about GUT, for example.It's up to you how you store your references, of course.Fortunately, as La Te X was aimed for this sort of work, it has a variety of features that make dealing with your references much simpler.La Te X has built in support for citing references.The style file in this instance is (which comes as standard with Bib Te X).You do not need to add the extension when using this command, as it is assumed.

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You can have a centralised store of your bibliography, that can be linked to as many documents as you wish (write once, read many!

To tell Bib Te X to keep them, use curly braces around the letter in question, (or letters, if it's an acronym) and all will be well!

As you can see in the following first entry example above: This is not actually very difficult.

The file may contain tabs and newlines for formatting purposes. Comments may be placed anywhere within the file (except within quotes).

Comments beginning with two hash characters ( The include file is searched in the current working directory.

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