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The only time she’s lost for words in an hour is when I ask her about being a victim of phone hacking by the News of the World.

“The first I heard of was via a phone call for the police.was shock more than anything.” Her case is yet to be settled but you get the feeling Sarpong won’t dwell.

It was from there she persuaded Tony Blair's team to let her shadow him for two days in the run up to the 2005 general election.

Since 2010, she has combined TV work (chiefly co-presenting Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura) with WIE, or Women: Inspiration and Enterprise.

“I'm a TV presenter by day, that's what pays the bills, and by evening I run a woman's conference, I suppose you could say I was an entrepreneur," says Sarpong.

She's optimistic that WIE can work as a business – and she speaks from experience.

Based around an annual conference, the WIE Symposium, the idea is to provide professional women with a place to share ideas, encourage each other and improve their networking skills, with the ultimate - albeit ambitious- aim of reaching gender equality in the workplace.

"Companies say they haven't got enough women on their boards.

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