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Within an area code, you need only dial (the verb hasn’t changed, even though telephones no longer have a dial) the seven-digit exchange code and number; otherwise, you must dial the complete ten-digit number, often with a prefix.Our exercise today asks you to validate a telephone number, as if written on an input form.The following functions live in the cctype header: String validation Let’s do a simple case of string validation by asking the user to enter their name.Our validation criteria will be that the user enters only alphabetic characters or spaces.

Now let’s take a look at another example where we are going to ask the user to enter their phone number.With string validation, we accept all user input as a string, and then accept or reject that string depending on whether it is formatted appropriately.For example, if we ask the user to enter a telephone number, we may want to ensure the data they enter has ten digits.Unlike a user’s name, which is variable-length and where the validation criteria are the same for every character, a phone number is a fixed length but the validation criteria differ depending on the position of the character.Consequently, we are going to take a different approach to validating our phone number input.

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