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Can these dark secrets of the past help the Caleigh's find their son?

The Secret of Crickley Hall is a clichéd but creepy Haunted House story.

Eve (Suranne Jones) and her husband Gabe (Tom Ellis) to move to a house in the country with teenage daughter Loren (Maisie Williams) for a short time some months after their young son went missing.

Crickley Hall past the village of Devil's Cleave harbours its own secrets.

Abraham Maslow lists self-esteem at the top of man's hierarchy of needs -- behind only food, shelter and interpersonal relationships. Western man looks to external accomplishments for self-respect, driven by a need to achieve what others will recognize as status symbols.

"I'm a stockbroker, a vice president of marketing, a Harvard graduate." If others are impressed, it reassures us that we're important.

Many mitzvot in Judaism guide us how to treat other people.

If "success" is our only ticket to self-respect, then many of us will never get there.

The orphans live in terror of the Cribbens, especially Augustus whose brutality knows no bounds.

Nancy, the children's new tutor, is appalled by the abuse and determined to find a way to save them...

But it soon becomes apparent, their new home is haunted.

1943; Crickley Hall is an orphanage run by Augustus Cribben and his sister Magda.

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