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I keep reading threads, that it is impossible to slay Indian women in India as a foreigner. Apologies to non-white men, but here is how white men can slay Indian women in India: -Work in a embassy or consulate in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chandigarh or Kolkatta. Indians are racist and basically worship white people.I am sure you could find struggling Indian actresses, small time models, production assistants -- who are looking for white d! Can't find a specific example from personal experience, but Mumbai is the sex capital of India. Like college anywhere in the world, it is fairly easy to meet women in classes or through academic / social clubs at the university.The Indian women could be a local student living at a dormitory / hostel or with her family. Despite this, it is very difficult, a lot of colleges have all-female dormitories and strict codes (no men, dorms are closed at 9 pm).Enrique has done 3-4 concerts in India and they all have been successful.Additionally, Italian men are considered sexy by certain educated Indian women.I have not been to Pondicherry, but I heard it is fascinating place to visit. To find a solo group of Indian women is a tad bid difficult.There are horny, desperate Indian men all around, who will give creepy looks and pass lewd comments to a woman by herself or a woman only group. If you are an Arab, go to Middle Eastern style restaurants in New Delhi or Mumbai.

I would spit game at your ethnic restaurant with any of the Indian women who may be around.

For example, an Indian woman from Bangalore working in Gurgaon. Her co-workers, friends might see you together at a movie / restaurant and word will get out that Sandya Mukherjee is dating a white foreigner. If one happens to be of a darker hue, what tactics can be used or is it simply a case of isolate and destroy? I would look into her family background (does she live with her family? If she does not live with her family and has no family in north India, I would pursue friendship with her first. A white man or a light skinned minority might do well with some Tamilians down there.

This Indian woman will either be staying with other females or in a temporary guest accommodation. -Get a job in the television / film industry in Mumbai. Be part of her social circle and then try to "game" her. Never been to any of those three countries, so I can't really give you solid advice.

-Work in one of the IT cities of India (Gurgaon, Pune, Bangalore and Hyderabad).

Search for a Indian woman who is not living with her family !! Lets say you are a office assistant at the Embassy of Australia in New Delhi; and there is a hot Indian women around 37, divorced.

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