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Clara Ines, the director of Medellin women’s rights NGO Vamos Mujersaid: 'In the context of the war, and in the context of the "narcotisation" of the culture, women have gone from being thought of as sexual objects to becoming merchandise. You have come here for women.” Juan’s in his early 40s. Someone, anyone, who might offer an honest smile when they wake in the morning? But IMBs predate phenomenally successful websites such as Where I thought there’d be crafty operators desirous of visas and (relative) riches there has only been softness and honesty; noble women looking for dependable love and a gentler future for their children.She works in a government call centre and enjoys cycling and pop music.

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Trusted clients are offered brochures of the children - either physical copies or in an online version - of up to 60 girls, according to an investigation by Corporacion Consultoria de Conflicto Urabano (C3).

He turned the ignition, hit the driving wheel in a businesslike fashion and announced, “So! As we begin our descent into the city, I ask Juan what kind of men come on these holidays. This afternoon I’m picking up a politician who’s coming from Hungary. There are thought to be around 600 IMBs operating currently, representing a trade which began in South East Asia before spreading to the countries of Latin America and the former Soviet Union, especially Ukraine. You wanna fall in love, you gotta give it time.” If the kinds of men who attend these tours haven’t surprised me, the women certainly have.

He wears stonewashed jeans, a dirty T-shirt that says ‘NASA ROCKET SCIENTIST’ and has the pallor and belly of a man who gave up on himself at least 10 years ago. As far back as 1998, a report commissioned by the US Immigration and Naturalization Service found there to be 10,000 marriages a year instigated by IMBs, 4,000 to US men, the rest mostly to people from Europe, Australia and Canada. They’re more eager over there, if you know what I mean. “Philosophy, literature, politics, science.” Linda shakes her head. Where I thought I’d be picking taloned fingers off my crotch I have only been shyly passed email addresses on torn-off squares of paper. When asked if she’d miss her family the response she gave was the defining moment of my strange weekend.

She’s attractive, in a thin white cotton top and light blue jeans. She lives with her parents and her father owns a car park. But that’s not the thing that’s most remarkable about Laura. “I was given some good advice before I came here,” he tells me sternly over the dinner table.

When I notice how much time she’s evidently spent on her make-up and hair I’m nipped by guilt. When I ask why she wants a Western husband, she says, “Because the men in Medellin think it’s permissible to have seven boyfriends.” After dinner, Juan shows us the view from the top of Pueblito Paisa. What I’ll never forget about Laura is her appearance. At the end of his tour, he took me to dinner and said to me, ‘I have finally found you.

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