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In 2000-2007 Kate Hudson was married to rock musician Chris Robinson.

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courtney friel dating-69

It was not until his return to New York in 1994 that Norton decided to put all other interests aside and devote his energy and intelligence to acting., and subsequently earned a place in the New York Signature Theater Company.

Norton was immediately cast, and was later credited for rescuing (1996) from the annals of Hollywood obscurity.

He garnered a Golden Globe Award and an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor for the role.

Norton was an extremely bright and serious young boy, deciding at the age of 5 to pursue acting, after watching a babysitter perform in the play at Orenstein's Columbia School for Theatrical Arts, and is rumored to have asked questions like, "What is my objective in this scene? Norton continued acting (and playing basketball) throughout high school and, after graduating, went on to Yale to pursue studies in astronomy, history and Japanese.

He acted in several undergraduate productions, often to campus-wide acclaim.

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