Dating a single father with full custody

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The falsely accused isn’t the only casualty of a court appointee’s or mental health evaluator’s rush to judgment. When the false allegations involve sexual abuse, children are subjected to a long process of interrogation, therapies and medical examinations, which can be invasive, confusing and traumatic.

The falsely accused often suffers emotional and physical trauma, public humiliation, family breakdown and financial ruin.

A woman may “feel” abused or may “feel” the children are being abused, when, objectively speaking, no abuse has actually occurred (Zepezauer, 1994).

Wakefield and Underwager (1990) found that: [False accusers] are likely to misperceive the behavior of others and to react to stressful situations in maladaptive ways.

They tend to be extremely concerned about and sensitive to how others perceive them.

But women have another weapon at their disposal, which is just as lethal as any firearm or poison. Many men, despite having been subjected to years of abuse, come a cropper when their ex makes a false allegation.Too many men have become the targets of false allegations. Even one victim of such a despicable lie is one victim too many. A false allegation of abuse isn’t just any lie; it’s one of the most contemptible lies that exists.Depending upon the specific personality disorder, they are characterized by instability of mood, impulsivity, inappropriate emotional overreactions, a need for approval and attention, and difficulties handling anger and conflict.False accusers also have an obsessive hatred of and anger toward their ex-partner, so much so that their hatred and anger become a driving force in their lives.

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