Dating dos and donts looney toons

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They want to see the Looney Tunes solving their own problems, interacting with each other and perhaps even competing towards a common goal.

The presence of real-life actors is the gimmick, not the presence of Looney Tunes in the so-called “real world.” Nobody wants to see a Looney Tunes parody of .

Even if they did, they’re not the Looney Tunes that audiences fell in love with over the last 82 years.

There is absolutely no good reason to use CG creations over the cast’s 2D counterparts, and if that decision is eventually made, lifelong fans are likely to reject the new movie outright, sight unseen. The Looney Tunes are the stars here, not “Celebrity X.” If Bugs and Daffy have to interact with the real world, because that’s the genre these days, then fair enough, but don’t make the film dependent on the live-action cast.

Celebrity cameos are allowed, but allow the comedy to flow from the personalities of the already funny characters and you’ll wind up with a comedy with legs, not a flash in the pan cash-in on marketable characters.There’s an entire generation of Looney Tunes fans who didn’t just grow up with Bugs and Daffy, but who also grew up with their extended cartoon family.The Animaniacs in particular are perhaps equally respected by modern audiences as classic Warner Bros.And Freakazoid would, at the very least, be an excellent cameo appearance to lampoon superhero trends that popped up since his show’s untimely cancellation.These are Looney Tunes, beloved and hilarious, and they belong in the same universe as the original cast. short film “Daffy’s Rhapsody,” which played in front of , was proof positive that the classic Looney Tunes character designs to not look right in three-dimensional CG-animation.

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