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As the story goes on, we see a man who exhibits signs of terror when confronted with a sexually-forward woman.

In fact, we have no proof whatsoever whether Catherine is a real person, or simply a symbol he sees in his dreams that represents a part of his psyche.

The development team working on the title said it would be "highly erotic" and character designer Shigenori Soejima has stated that there are some shockingly adult scenes in the game.

While most gamers reacted favorably to such a topic being central in an adventure title, most seemed more interested the possibility of a U. release than the meaning of the sexual themes shown.

It's been a while since I've seen sex in a game and been taken aback, but I was genuinely awed when I realized it was happening again as I watched this trailer.

[Columnist Colette Bennett explores reaction to Atlus' recently unveiled Catherine trailer, and highlights why she feels it presents hope for an unprecedentedly mature treatment of psychological and sexual themes in video games.] This week, I saw the first game trailer that has truly intrigued me this year.

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He is clearly worried and afraid, but from the little we've seen, we aren't sure what's real yet and what's a part of the nightmare -- only that we are seeing the first suggestions of a major fracture in our main character's psyche, which only tantalize us to want to see more.

Described as a "horror/adult action adventure", the trailer made a strong impression on Atlus fans, who discussed it wildly in forums.

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