Dating someone with different political views

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This is due, in large part to Donald Trump, the frontrunner for the Republican nomination, who has plenty of provocative things to say about just about thing in his path, and Hilary Clinton, who has also experienced her share of controversy.

It might be your natural instinct to run in the other direction if your date or significant other voices his or her intent to vote for a candidate that is opposite of your own political favorite, but some experts say it might be better to hold off on that impulse and instead explore how a difference of opinion could lead to a stronger shared relationship.

It is good to differ in some ways, but to have the same core values.

Stage of life is also a critical influencing factor in terms of relationship success where each partner has different political views.

At the same time, if you agreed with everything your partner said or did on a daily basis you would essentially be dating yourself!I suppose a lot of empathy and a lot of talking politics at home could do the trick.Unless, of course, they just want to live in an ignorant bliss. It would probably take a lot of time and effort — things that people with opposing views these days don’t seem to have.There are a few simple ways to keep political debates fun, productive, and engaging are to have some ground rules, especially if the discussions tend to get heated every time politics become a part of your conversation: 1.Set aside specific times to discuss politics and do allow for any discussion of politics outside of these agreed upon times; 2.

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