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The canton was deeply divided between "patriots", supporting the Cisalpine Republic, and traditionalist "aristocrats".

By 1799 riots broke out in Lugano, and the second préfet, Francesco Capra, fled the city.

The canton of Lugano merged with Bellinzona creating the canton of Ticino, which endures to the present day.

After 1803, the political municipality of Lugano was created.

The publication of the magazine ceased abruptly after edition number 17 of 29 April 1799, following the anti-French riots in Lugano during which the Agnelli printing house was sacked and Abbot Vanelli was shot.

The canton of Lugano unified the former Landvogteien of Lugano, Mendrisio, Locarno and Valmaggia.

There was an important Roman city north of Lugano at Bioggio.In 1416 the Duke of Milan, Filippo Maria Visconti conquered the region of Lugano and the Rusca valley and made it a fief.A year later, Lugano's freedoms were first documented in a series of statutes modeled on those of Como. Between 14 the Duke of Milan, Aloisio Sanseverino sat as a feudal lord over Lugano.In 1746, the Agnelli brothers opened the first printing press and bookshop in Lugano.They began publishing the newspaper Nuove di diverse corti e paesi in 1748 and changed its name to Gazzetta di Lugano in 1797.

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