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There is also a life size replica of the Bronze Age circle.

The entire display is accompanied by a free audio guide and interactive features which provide information about the people who created the monument and the details revealed by a study of the timbers.

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The water has been replaced with a synthetic wax so that the wood will not deteriorate further when exposed to the air.ALSO don't fall for the unrequited love bull💗, if you "love" him but he has no idea or doesn't "love" you back... It is NOT healthy and it is incredibly self destructive. You aren't as mature as you think you are, you aren't ready for a serious long term relationship, your realationship wont last, and .Seeing you guys in these comments saying "I love you ____ if only you knew" or "I love you so much ______" or "This quiz is wrong I know I love him" pains me so much. You might hear this from mom or dad and think they're wrong but they really are right.These were arranged in a circle around the upturned, central stump.This Bronze-Age monument, described by some archaeologists as being one of the most significant ever discovered, may have formed a type of ceremonial site - possibly with astronomical overtones.

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