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Love is not something that traps you without your consent, thrusting you into a life and situations that you don't want or that hurt you.

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" It doesn't matter whether you have just started to date on the Internet or you’ve been dating for a number of years—this is the ultimate dating online reference.

There are things in here that I never expected could happen to people. In fact, if I hadn't read A controversial but honest look into Love I might have been caught in a scam myself.

Yvonne Rice writes about how to be open with yourself, yet wary of some of the trawling that goes on by both sexes.

Bad or broken communication is a huge contributor to most breakups and divorces, and it stops a relationship from being able to grow.

Love is supposed to create a safe haven for both partners to be able to honestly share their feelings without hurt or impatience, and when you begin to believe that that's what love really is, you can begin to stop fearing it.

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