David annable dating chris rock dating history

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Curiously, Calista was absent from the Comic Con panel featuring her Supergirl co-stars Mehcad Brooks, Katie Mc Grath, David Harewood, Jeremy Jordan, Melissa Benoist, Chris Wood, and Odette Annable.But the new showrunners Jessica Queller and Robert Rovner confirmed Flockhart will reprise her role as 'the Queen of Media' Cat Grant in the third season, which premieres October 9 on The CW.Gyspy then pursued Kadabra through the multiverse to get revenge. She then returned to her Earth where she met with the Accelerated Man and told him that she had found and terminated her mark.searching for him in order to punish him for his crimes of inter-dimensional travel. When he left, she was visited by Cisco who again asked for her help.

When Cisco was captured by Savitar and Killer Frost, Gypsy sensed his danger and rescued him. On Earth Nineteen's "111" holiday, Gypsy planned to go on a date with Cisco, but he couldn't make it and she got upset with him.

Cisco managed to track down Abra Kadabra by using satellites to detect his unique energy signature.

They found him attempting to travel back to the future.

Later, on an assignment on Earth Two trying to catch another breacher, Gypsy was captured by Grodd and forced to open a breach to Earth One for Grodd and his army to travel through to. The following day, Vibe arrived, before the two began to fight. She was also going to bring back a giant sack filled with coffee as they didn't have it on Earth Nineteen. Labs where Harry Wells managed to subdue her with one of his weapons.

She helped Cisco and the team get rid of the gorillas on Earth One and went back to her Earth. When she returned, she was challenged to a trial-by-combat by Cisco, allowing him the customary twenty-four hours to prepare. They crossed through a number of universes, before returning back to Earth One, where Gypsy was caught off guard. As she and Cisco went to kiss, Gypsy opened a portal, returning to her universe. She was then locked in the Pipeline where she didn't seem to remember attacking them.

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