David archuleta and miranda cosgrove dating

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Freddie: Good, it's hard to find shots of the guy NOT shouting at me and calling me an "UNTALENTED HOBKNOCKER!!! David Archuleta: Oh, you know, he's...[unenthusiastically] okay. Sam: So, David, what was it like hanging it out with Wade Collins? Clerk : [Giggles] Spencer : Yeah, I knew you'd giggle.

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They tell what hotel and room Wade is staying in and asks anyone in America who dislikes him to go there. After the show, Wade reveals his true colors and is nasty and obnoxious, calling everyone a "hobknocker" and is insulting to everyone. Freddie : I fixed it so it swings out 18% faster now. He hires Gibby as his personal assistant and keeps calling him "Jibley". Yet, they still fulfill their promise to help him out.Gibby is even drafted as a personal assistant, who gladly goes along with his most ridiculous demands. Carly comes into the studio in a slinky-looking dress, and Freddie's reaction is pure gold, just like the dress she wore, along with some extras.

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