Dirty dating in surrey

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They pretend to be a loving couple, when really she is afraid to be alone and won’t let him leave her as she begs for women to stay with her husband…what kind of woman does that? He claimed to be in a open relationship, admitted he liked rape play and other freaky sh*t.She was ready to bounce after finding this out, but she(the wife) called my friend using guilt and manipulation to get my friend to try and stay with her husband/ They prey on vulnerable people,using any means to get their way. This ratchet floozy of south Surrey looks so f**king rediculous.I don’t know but his hydro was cut off so he had it put in his name and Donn never paid a cent on the mortgage, Debbie paid it from Surrey. What he did with that money I dont know, because every time I saw him, he was bumming smokes off me and trying to borrow money. Why would I loan you money when you owe me a grand? As far as the smokes go, I finally said to him “F**k Donn, buy your own smokes! He is a cop caller and beat the f**k out of Debbie many times (not that she didnt deserve it).Donn’s work truck Debbie bought for him, but insured it in her name. Meanwhile had two accidents, and the truck was was impounded twice cause Donn has no valid drivers licence. After assaulting Debbie in front of me, he called the cops and said she attacked him so he could account for the bruises on her.Seriously, though, drop the good girl front, put ‘yo clothes back on, clean your dirty ass house and work on rebuilding your relationship with your Dad.

I’ve known her for years and she’s always desperately added randoms guys in hopes one of them would find her attractive and message her.

However, she’s not as pure as she tries to appear to public, as you can see.

The comparison between her social media accounts are epic.

If he didn’t start his truck first try, he had to get a boost, yet he figures it’s an electrical problem. Donn broke up with his common law wife Debbie Nickola.

She was living in the common house here in Chilliwack and worked driving limousine in Surrey, so also lived in Surrey.

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