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This has meant a sales price that is too high for most people wanting to buy the work.I would also like to note that I arrived at the court of Ali Pasha only a few months after the departure of Monsieur de Pouqueville such that I have been an eye witness to events that have taken place since that time.He initially served as a colonel in the Napoleonic army but abandoned it, allegedly because of his anti-Bonapartist sentiments.For this he was sentenced to prison and but managed to flee to Constantinople in 1803, where he converted to Islam, married a Turkish woman and changed his name to Ibrahim Manzour.Among those who travelled to Albania in the last ten years of the reign of Ali Pasha, at which time one could travel in complete security, there were few who were actually able to observe the country and its inhabitants.These inhabitants are among the most suspicious, the most mistrustful, the crudest and haughtiest people one can imagine and, in addition, they hate everything that is not Albanian.

These are Shkodra (Scutari), Durrës [Durazzo], Ulqin/Ulcinj [Dulcigno], Bar [Antivari], Kruja [Croya], Upper Dibra and Lower Dibra.

While in Ottoman service, he took part in fighting against Serbian forces in Bosnia.

From 1814-1817, he was at the court of Ali Pasha Tepelena in Janina where he served as a military advisor.

What is left over is exported profitably by the inhabitants.

The same can be said of the hides of sheep and goats.

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