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In one of Kellogg's memories during the quest Dangerous Minds, his mother calls her husband "useless", claiming it is time her son starts to protect the family. A father is on trial for allegedly keeping his own daughter as a sex slave for 20 years and fathering eight children with her.

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The doctor asked who the boy’s father was and she told him the truth about his parentage.

Bulacio was taken into custody in January 2016 after fleeing police and becoming a fugitive for 45 days.

He was discovered hiding 30 miles away from his hometown at a relatives’ house in Loreto, Santiago del Estero, north central Argentina.

After undergoing a DNA test, Bulacio was charged with sex crimes and will now stand trial.

According to local reports, the victim was abandoned by her mother who was allegedly physically abused by Bulacio.

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