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Teachers who go on to pursue master’s degrees accumulate significantly more debt.

In 2011–12, 59 percent of students who completed master’s degrees in education borrowed federal loans for graduate school and accumulated ,750 each, on average, from their graduate studies alone.

To get a sense of how much student-loan debt teachers accrue, on average, we look at federal loan data from the 2011–12 school year for undergraduate students who majored in education, who account for approximately 9 out of 10 students in traditional teacher-training programs nationwide. Among undergraduate education majors, some 67 percent borrowed federal student loans—5 percentage points more than the overall population of bachelor’s degree recipients (see Figure 2).

Morneau had initially told Commissioner Dawson about the villa but not the existence of the ownership structure, until the CBC reported it in September 2017.Students must fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form in order to obtain federal loans, but their finances have little bearing on their eligibility.Students preparing to become teachers are eligible for four different types of federal loans.Not only did Congress pass legislation using federal dollars to issue low-interest-rate loans to students in certain subject areas, but borrowers who went on to be teachers could have up to half of that debt forgiven.Lawmakers believed high-quality teachers unburdened by student-loan debt could now fully focus their efforts on educating the next generation of scientists and engineers to defeat the Soviet menace.

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