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Women endure hours of vile torments that would kill a real person in five minutes, and their tormentors seem endowed with magical sexual prowess that a Viagra salesman would envy.

If you do read it, I hope it releases your own sexual needs harmlessly in this phantasy world. The coach was top of the range, each of the twenty-four seats a testament to ergonomic design, comfortable to sit in, able to recline and convert into surprisingly comfortable sleeping couches.

Twenty-two pretty girls slumped in their seats, shuddering and twitching as the electrical impulses of all their muscular activity struggled to recover from the devastating tazar shock.

Zip lock nylon closers went around wrists and ankles, then one man brought a small case from the 4x4 and handed out rubber ball gags.

If you do not like bloodthirsty tales of brutality, do not read any further.

He switched on the speaker system and said he would pull off the dual carriageway and sort out the problem as soon as possible.They handed him two repeater stun guns, and each had two for themselves.Six zappers, twenty-two female passengers, all to be stunned before they panicked and tried to leave the vehicle.Almost at once there was a lay-by and he pulled off the road.He opened his door and went round to meet the other two men who jumped out of the 4x4.

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