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This is a very dangerous line, as seen in the examples below.– Example 2– Example 3– Example 4I could link you 100 examples easy, of just men who write about it online.If this sounds like you you really need to sort yourself out.

Instead of having ED and not finding sex as satisfying as porn, you will be the opposite.Get on the forums, there are many people who have been through the same thing who can help you along the way.Because of reason 4 and 5, porn causes erectile dysfunction in an enormous amount of men.So much more powerful and pleasurable.– Your intimacy levels during sex will be something that you never experienced before If you are like most men who started porn at an extremely young age, you have probably never even experienced intense intimacy.You have sexually numbed yourself from porn for years, and your first sexual experience free from porn will be like a sexual awakening. You will be more in touch with a woman’s body, and your own.

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