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This man likes to be the first, the last your everything! Just like the zodiac sign suggests, the Aries man is full of fire and life.

To attract an Aries, you will need to be social, fun, funny, and enjoy any activity with a lot of people.

The Aries man will never be interest in a woman who is uncomfortable at bars or clubs, and he does not like to ever be a wall flower. To attract an Aries man, surprise him with the best ideas for travel.

Take him out for a night out on the town for dancing and parties.

Despite their bigger than life egos, an Aries will crumble in the sack if you criticize him even constructively Turn Ons: You’re immediately smitten by someone who is both adventurous and soft-spoken.

A damsel in distress brings out your protective side, and a lady who is taken allows you to compete for — and most likely win — her affection.

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