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At the end, I was really torn up, I said ‘mom, it’s okay – we don’t have to do this, it doesn’t matter, I can’t put you through this’.‘My mother and father truly both seized upon it immediately as a way of celebrating my sister and keeping her memory alive…and these two small town people from Louisiana really rose to this wonderful occasion and used it for charity.‘The one thing she couldn’t ever abide and the only thing that made her cry, she once told me, is when someone couldn’t accept what life had given them, they couldn’t accept death, they couldn’t accept how their life was going.True to life: Sally Field and Tom Skerritt played M'Lynn and Drum Eatenton, characters based on Margaret and Robert Harling, who suffered the loss of their beloved daughter Susan Robinson.‘He was walking through the room and Susan was on the screen and he stopped.He stood there and listened for a while and said ‘Ah! He says that although Robert looks just like his dad – he has his mother’s eyes, adding: ‘He has a great job as an admissions director, he has his family in Texas.These were lines that I heard said, if you say it doesn’t ring true – you’re wrong.’The reality, Robert says, is more ‘passive’.‘Susan had gone in to get a shunt to help her dialysis and usually you have a local anesthetic But for some reason she had a general anesthetic and her heart just stopped.‘Director Herbert Ross was notoriously tough on newcomer Julia, who would go on to be nominated for her first Oscar for Steel Magnolias.

However, he recalls calling his nephew one day as a young child, who proudly proclaimed that he was a ‘cool kid’ at school, smiling: ‘Robert’s a very handsome man now, but he was a preemie, and at that age he was skinny – not the definition of cool!

But he told me ‘Everyone likes me - I’m the only kid in my class whose mom’s been played by Julia Roberts’.

Susan was ‘crazy, insane in love’ with her young son and ‘worshipped him’, even though they were often forced them apart as she was made to spend long spells in hospital where Robert couldn’t visit her.

Y después de un viaje, es quien guarda los recuerdos para siempre.

Hay algo que tiene minube que no tienen otras aplicaciones en principio similares.

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