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Also with running the lower dose u prob won't need as much AI (aromasin). Start ur 1st off with 200-300mg then can bump it up to 400-500mg on ur 2nd cycle. You want a therapeutic dose, not less and not more. If you get bitch tits just save your money and get them cut off, I believe its 5k. As these guys mentioned test only for ur 1st cycle. You do not need more than 200mg of test for the first cycle. Have you ever read the packet that comes with the test? In the end just do whatever you want, every does anyway. Try 200mg and then wait and see how you feel in a week. What do u mean by the test prop is the most guaranteed u can get on the market where u live? More than likely someone here has heard of or possibly used the lab. Do ur last hcg pin on the same day as ur last test p injection.

Back in the early 80's when we cycled we never took more and had great gains and looked great. The test simply allows the protein synthesis to occur at a faster rate. Want/need to see how u respond to test before starting to add in other compounds.

Age 25 Hight 179cm 5.8 Wight 80 kg 176 bf i less than 12% I have gone throw both cutting and bulking phase, i can say i know how do both. i always want to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time lol should i do it!!

If you have been training consistently for 3 years, eating right, changing things up when needed and hit a plateu, I don't see a huge problem with it.

ETA: Another smallish nit about the Watch ESPN broadcast--if you really want to re-watch a play (e.g., particularly great alley-oop or block), there is no function to allow you to backtrack for fifteen seconds like you'd find on DVR. Both games will be the Mike Tomko/Chris Spatola/Gerald Henderson trio.

Henderson will be doing some commentary as well as a third voice on the Blue Devil IMG Sports Network (i.e.

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