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In a video statement released as part of the bid, Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen said that the Danish government has already rented out the necessary space to house EMA, saying that the "new, modern and sustainable building" would meet "all of EMA's requirements".

“Denmark has a strong tradition for safeguarding patient safety, a world class research environment, a pharmaceutical industry among the leading globally and we would be more than ready to take on the responsibility for EMA's continuous pursuit of public health work,” she said.

“The business continuity of the Agency is at the core of our bid.

We come prepared with a detailed transition plan taking into account all relevant details of the potential relocation to Copenhagen.

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The Danish bid would offer the EMA 20 years of rent-free housing within “a new, modern and sustainable building with a superb location less than ten minutes from the airport”.

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Denmark set up a Brexit ‘task force' the day after Britain voted to leave the EU in a referendum in June last year.

The function of the task force is to “identify Danish interests in the coming negotiations,” according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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