Guidelines to ensure safety while dating

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Integrated Farming practices achieve better productivity, reduce negative impacts on the environment, and improve quality of life for farmers.To date, 943 people have benefitted from these and a range of other projects including fishing, livestock production, sewing, and many agriculture projects.

This mobile library on a bus visits various communities every month making reading a real event in communities that have limited access to books.A driving philosophy of B2Gold’s Community Investment strategy is to assist communities in developing sustainable livelihoods which do not depend solely upon mining activity.At the Masbate project in the Philippines, B2Gold has supported the development of vegetable farming in areas which did not traditionally support this activity with excellent results.Therefore, B2Gold believes that an investment in Community Health underpins the success of other initiatives intended to alleviate poverty.Making a positive impact in the communities in which we work is a commitment at B2Gold, so we invest in Community Health wherever we have active projects.

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