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When I’m out on a date and I’m using my cane, it pisses me off that some people make it clear that they think my date is being noble for being with me.

While I’m grateful for my friends and partners, as anyone is grateful for having people they love in their life, this isn't amazing—it's basic human psychology.

When I go back to that lingerie shop, I want the clerks to simply assume that I’m buying for myself.

So what if my body isn’t factory-perfect, and it injures more easily than some other people’s—it’s mine, and I want to enjoy having a body in this world.

"It's been assumed that my husband also has the same skin condition as me (he doesn't), and people ask me or my mum if he does by waving their hand around their face, not really knowing how to ask.

There's also a higher rate of separation if one member of the couple has a disability in India, as some conceal their disabilities until after the marriage becomes official."And so this app, [if introduced in Australia], might make it easier for disabled people to find love."Dating as a disabled person is hard and I truly wish people who use mainstream dating apps were more open to getting to know disabled people." However, Findlay expressed concerns about the app in India, as it was founded by two people who do not have disabilities.SBS spoke with Carly Findlay, an Australian writer, speaker and proud disabled woman who spent many years on dating sites and shares Karthik's sentiments."In India, disability is seen differently to in Australia," Findlay tells SBS.

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