Im live 4cam

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Added a P3D4 program argument which at the moment is equivalent to the P3D and P3D34 arguments.The FSICLIENT start up program now processes the NONE argument to force 'No Connection' mode and activate the dot Net 4 P3DCLIENT. Weather updates will no longer force a view mode change unless an Opus FSI Observer View is selected on the display.The Live Weather Engine will force a non-Observer type view mode onto the screen during weather updates as Observer type views in Prepar3D are known to interfere with the weather injection and may result in inaccurate weather within the simulator.Whilst airborne, all automated weather updates and requested weather 'Refreshes' are scheduled and processed at the next appropriate moment as determined by the Live Weather Engine.The LWA Map, smaller footprint Wx Maps, and the Wx Locator/Overview Map contain 'Top Most' and 'Opacity' options.The 'Top Most' option (default true) displays the map top most on the screen.All manually requested weather updates (Reloads or Updates) are always processed immediately.All weather updates and refreshes are processed immediately if both cloud and visibility smoothing are disabled.

The 'User' stations data file takes precedence over the standard station data supplied with the software.

In Opus FSI Version 5, separate server and client programs are used for the FSX/FSX Steam simulators and the Prepar3D simulator. The new software employs a small footprint main form.

Button options are provided to 'View App Links' and 'View Device Driver Links' displaying communication links along with the usual options to Spy on the communications.

The Spy window's buffer is automatically cleared after 15 minutes. Greatly improved (speeded up) all GRIB data processing.

GRIB data decoding takes just a few seconds and is recorded within the generated c:\Opus FSI_v5\file.

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