Intimate dating 100 for anything

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Our culture provides for meeting all other needs, especially the need for autonomy, but not for intimacy.Within this framework, couples today must provide for each other more of the emotional needs that a larger community used to furnish.

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There is a great deal of unhappiness as each partner struggles to get the relationship to be what each of them needs or wants it to be. One may be placating in the expectation that he or she will eventually be rewarded by the other.They maybe afraid that the relationship will never change but may not even know what they are afraid of There is so much chaos that there is usually despair and depression. Both may decide to stay with it but can't function. Over the years of working with couples, I have developed an effective way to help them arrive at a relationship they can both be happy with. I find that what couples need is part education in a set of skills and part exploration of experience that aims to resolve the difficulties couples trip over in their private lives.Experience has demonstrated to me that the causes of behavior and human experience a complex and include elements that are biological, psychological, social, contextual, and even spiritual. Here at the close of the 20th century we have the luxury of living in splendid isolation. The difference is it never mattered so much before.

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