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Then when they got here they were told they were going to be trolls.

And of course they think of these little fat trolls with hair and we said, ‘No you’re going to be beautiful trolls.’”The girls—all indeed beautiful trolls—were flown in early for rehearsals(!

For nearly 70 years, the Cannes Film Festival has been an exclusive affair for the glamorous jet-setters who are able to afford plane or yacht fare to the French Riviera.

But on Wednesday, the first day of the 2016 festival, Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick forged important inroads for a cave-dwelling demographic who had never before been invited to the Croisette, teasing their animated film, .

It seems the stars were just as bewitched by the be-wigged creatures as we were.

As soon as we could, we cornered the trolls to ask what J. and Kendrick had said.“Justin said our hair looks pretty good,” the blue troll, who was very sweet, told us.

We, and many other cynical journalists softened by champagne and “True Colors” and troll proximity, were borderline giddy about the wacky display unfolding before us.

The “trolls”—trolls given the best possible -style makeovers—briefly interacted with Timberlake and Kendrick, they told us.

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Dreamworks ponied up for a flashy speedboat to whisk Timberlake and Kendrick from the Palais, where the unexpected “Troll Colors” weeping scene had occurred, to the reception, held at one of the many beach clubs lining the Croisette.

Twenty-four hours later, your faithful Cannes correspondents are still searching for that existential answer.

The Dream Works marketing team, it seemed, had a planning meeting in which they wracked their brains for ways in which they could make those squatty plastic dolls chic enough for the Croisette.

(A small trek would have been very feasible by foot, but what fun is that?

) But honestly, neither the party guests nor the confused bystanders seemed to notice the Hollywood stars because they were too focused on the fashion show?

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