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To do this, you and your spouse both need to set aside time in your schedules for one another, and keep communication open.

Knowing when each other are free will make it possible to surprise one another with activities, and will keep you both excitedly wondering when your next spontaneous rendezvous will take place.

Think about how much you and your partner opened up to one another when you first got together.

Chances are, it was one of the main ways you connected.

For instance, a bored spouse may seek thrills through pornography, or try to drown their boredom with alcohol or other addictions.If you can do this, then your feelings of boredom can also be transformed into feelings of deeper intimacy and attachment for your spouse and relationship.Use this new perspective to nurture a warm sense of lasting, comfortable togetherness.3.Change your perspective Take a step back and change your outlook on your relationship.For instance, if you currently see the marriage as a “rut” or “routine,” then try changing your perspective to see the rut as a sense of security - something that was build through love - instead of something negative and dull.

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