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Wise up that you are for sale, and consider what you want in return if you are prepared to go for an asian lady.You can be lucky, just don't settle for an ugly one your own age.Aus consular offices in poor countries are quite strict on granting tourist visas, to cut down the number of visitors cum illegal farm/sex workers.Ah – ok, because it's near impossible for a Filipina to get a tourist visa to Australia on her own unless she has a house, a job, about ,000 in the bank and the planets align and St Kilda or Souths win their respective premierships, in the same year.That is the most applicable visa in your situation.

I plan on spending 10 weeks in Philippines with her this year, would be nice for her to be able to spend some time in my country.All you can do is try to submit the strongest evidence you can to demonstrate she'll return home. I'm no expert on this stuff but I would have thought a letter from her school confirming she is enrolled and has a course to go back to might help.Also when I've had family visit from overseas, in addition to a letter of invitation, I've loaded it up with proof of my income and a stat dec saying that the visitors will be living with me and I will provide all necessary financial support. once told me that it can help, and I've no idea if it really does, but I throw it in anyway since it doesn't seem to hurt.So while we will apply for a tourist visa, I'd like to hear from anyone who has gotten one for their gf in similar circumstances and what did they send with the application, like letters of invitation etic. It's really not so hard to help a Filipino friend get a tourist visa. If you screw with the immigration department they'll screw you back.If you intend to marry her on a tourist visa again not impossible but more complicated...

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