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The Territorial Legislature passed "The Phoenix Charter Bill", incorporating Phoenix and providing for a mayor-council government, which became official on February 25, 1881 when it was signed by Governor John C.Fremont, officially incorporating Phoenix as a city with an approximate population of 2,500.The Hohokam also carried out extensive trade with the nearby Anasazi, Mogollon and Sinagua, as well as with the more distant Mesoamerican civilizations.The Akimel O'odham were the major Native American group in the area, and lived in small villages, with well-defined irrigation systems, which spread over the entire Gila River Valley, from Florence in the east to the Estrellas in the west.The Hohokam created roughly 135 miles (217 km) of irrigation canals, making the desert land arable.Paths of these canals would later become used for the modern Arizona Canal, Central Arizona Project Canal, and the Hayden-Rhodes Aqueduct.In later years, other nearby settlements would form and merge to become the city of Tempe, The Phillip Darrell Duppa adobe house was built in 1870 and is the oldest known house in Phoenix.The homestead is named after "Lord" Darrell Duppa, an Englishman who is credited with naming Phoenix and Tempe as well as founding the town of New River.

Mostly a peaceful group, they did band together with the Maricopa for their mutual protection against incursions by both the Yuma and Apache tribes.

They grew crops such as sweet corn, tapery beans, squash, lentils, sugar cane, and melons, as well as taking advantage of native plants, such as saguaro fruits, cholla buds, mesquite tree beans, and mesquite candy (sap from the mesquite tree).

They also hunted local game such as deer, rabbit, and javalina for meat. The Phoenix area became part of the New Mexico Territory.

The town grew during the 1870s, and President Ulysses S.

Grant issued a land patent for the present site of Phoenix on April 10, 1874.

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