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When she heard he'd entered the cosmetics space, she perhaps took a deep breath at the tag for an eye shadow—but then she tried it, and she thought, “Fuck you, Tom Ford, this stays on all day!

” He’d done something no one else had bothered to do with eye shadow, which is to make it not just a different color, but a better product; Brunn says he’s the Elon Musk of film and fashion.

But now he has a 4-year-old son, Jack, and maybe in one small way he’s just as boring as the rest of us: the way we only start considering all we have when our hearts reach a tipping point.

So he has work to do.“I look at my son and he’s so happy and joyful and I say, ‘Richard, it’s because he hasn’t learned the secret yet.

Tom Ford takes the first of his three to five daily power baths at 6 A.

M., rising before Richard and Jack, in order to rouse himself from the sleeping pills that have made him nearly comatose.

It’s the story of an art dealer in Los Angeles whose ex-husband sends her a copy of the novel he finally wrote—the one he says she inspired.

And the secret is that he’s going to die.’ ” This focuses him, reminds him he has only a short amount of time to create new worlds.

“Jack doesn’t yet feel the pain that humans, all of us, feel and will feel.” It puts you in a mind to think about those things—the urgency of existence coming down on you like a foot on your throat.

Granted, the only clothes Jack owns are clothes that Tom Ford, has pre-selected for him; he has little access to items that his father finds unacceptable.

So Jack wears his Lacoste shirt and his jeans, and he tops off the look with Velcro Stan Smiths.

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