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Mastering this ability gives you an amazing advantage, as opposed to other women who don’t enjoy (and even resent) dating.

Yes, there are a few bad apples out there in the "singleverse", but your optimistic perspective keeps you mingling and on track to find "The One."Instead of succumbing to man-bashing with your gal pals over drinks, you'd rather focus on the good men you meet and look for more opportunities.

Some women loathe dating and resist it (and complain about it) every step of the way.

But some of you embrace the process attitude about finding love.

When you take the pressure off each first date and simply have fun meeting new men, you can relax, laugh at his jokes, have a great conversation, or learn something new, all of which have value on their own.5.

You know how to stay upbeat when things don’t work out.

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