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Kubrin said Villaraigosa’s expansion of the police force, by itself, was probably not the main driving force behind the crime reduction.Instead, she cited the strategy executed by the police as a more important element.They totaled nearly 73,000 in 1992 and had decreased to less than 38,000 by 2002. Robert Stern, former president of the Los Angeles-based Center for Governmental Studies, said Villaraigosa should get some credit for his successful push to hire hundreds of new LAPD officers.But, Stern said, "The main credit has to go to the police chief Bill Bratton.It also tracks with his more recent statement on Capital Public Radio.

Looking at another large city, New York, during the specific period of Villaraigosa’s tenure, we found only a 7 percent decline in the violent crime rate.

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"In the eight years that I was mayor, (there was a) nearly 50 percent drop in violent crime, gang crime — crime went down because we grew our police department, we focused on constitutional community policing, we did some of the most innovative prevention, intervention, job re-entry programs in the nation." During his time as mayor of Los Angeles and now in his campaign for California governor, Antonio Villaraigosa has repeatedly highlighted the city’s drop in violent crime.

Villaraigosa, one of the top Democrats vying to succeed Gov.

Jerry Brown in 2018, spoke in detail in a late July interview on MSNBC about LA’s reduction in violent crime and the steps he claims led to that result.

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