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It will benefit everyone if you open yourself to the enriching experience of listening closely to what they reveal about themselves and their lives.

Victims are people who feel no control over their lives and perceive themselves as being at the mercy of others.

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Connecting student veterans can effectively ease this isolation, and it’s especially helpful if connections can be made between new veterans and those who have successfully navigated a semester or two.How can they acknowledge the change in their functioning as a disability and still maintain their identity as a strong soldier living by the Warrior Ethos?Framing these accommodations as “adaptations” that many people need, not just veterans, helps this internal struggle.Throw in an unfamiliar social system that bears no resemblance to the military, has no clear chain of command, and is filled with many students and faculty who can’t even imagine the student veterans’ experiences, and you have a deeply alienating environment for many of them.Typically, student veterans are also older and more experienced than their freshman peers, which helps them keep things in perspective and not sweat the small stuff.

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